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Lots of professions out there, especially in the field of medical industry, requires everyone to have certification as well as licensing in order for them to be able to find a job that is within the career path they have chosen.


They need to hire someone who is certified and licensed so that they can protect the general public by guaranteeing them that they are working with credible individuals and, the employees as well will be provided a way to really prosper in the job they have chosen.


When it comes to the rehabilitation field, they are requiring all occupational and physical therapy practitioners and assistant practitioners as well to hold licenses in order for them to practice their field of expertise in almost all states in the US. And also, all OTAs or occupational therapy assistants should get an occupational therapy assistant certification as it is being required to them so that they can become licensed.


In this article, we will be presenting to you the importance of certification for OTAs.


Even if they do not hold doctoral degree or that they are not task to do prescription for patients medication or cannot finalize the treatment plan for them, occupational therapy assistant are still able to work closely with their occupational therapist and even closer with their patients.


However, if we realistically view such field, there are some occupational therapy assistants who spend much of their time hands on with their patients compared to the hands on time spent by occupational therapist themselves. That is why it is very important for both assistants and their corresponding therapist to upheld standard care so that they care guarantee their patients to receive the care that they need and that COTAs fully understand how important their job really is and how they should perform it accordingly.


With the help of certification, it now became so easy for employers to hire the expertise of those individuals who achieved all necessary schooling as well as clinical training as they will know that somehow they are hiring someone who has had experience in the said training and is capable of performing their job based on the standard being set for it.


If you want to become a certified assistant, it is important for you to become first a graduate of an educational program which is being accredited by two of the most famous institution namely the American Occupational Therapy Association or AOTA and the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education or the ACOTE then, there is also a need for you to pass the OT and national certification examination which is being supervised by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy or the NBCOT.